Helping children and families escape poverty together

Cambodian Children's Trust (CCT) is a secular NGO with a holistic range of services that empowers vulnerable children and their families to escape the intergenerational cycle of poverty in Battambang, while promoting family preservation and reintegration. 

CCT’s Holistic Family-based Care Model (HFBC) ensures children can remain living with their biological family, or where that’s not possible, are cared for in family-based care such as kinship care, foster care or local adoption. This is achieved by providing a holistic solution that is comprehensive, in-depth and tailored to each specific family, while ensuring they have access to social support, education, good nutrition and healthcare.

CCT also works with other NGOs and the Cambodian Government to assist children who have been placed in institutional care to be safely reintegrated back to their families or into foster care.

Founded by Tara Winkler and Jedtha Pon in 2007, CCT delivers these services out of their community youth centres, community preschool and foster care homes.

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